Treasure your prized athlete's early autographs with JSA's premier service, Signature Debut!  Every collector seeks an older style signature of their favorite athlete before they become a superstar.  Take advantage of our new, exclusive service before your anticipated prospect becomes a legend!


How Signature Debut Works


Any autographed item received by JSA prior to the athlete's season opener of their official second season, may be submitted under the Signature Debut service.  Please note, there are Signature Debut Qualifications that will apply to each sport's official second season as the rules in each sport vary.



At this time, Signature Debut is available only for the four major professional sports:

A positional player is considered a “rookie” when he has accumulated less than 130 career at bats.  A pitcher is considered a “rookie” if he has pitched less than 50 career total innings.  The player loses his “rookie” eligibility if he spends more than 45 days on the 25 man active roster.
(i.e. Ryan Howard debuted in 2004 and won the Rookie of the Year award in 2005. Howard would have been eligible for Signature Debut until the season opener of the 2006 season.)
A player’s “rookie” season is the first season in which he appears in a game, no matter how many games or how much time he plays.
(i.e. Nerlens Noel not playing the year he was drafted was eligible for the Rookie of the Year award the following year.  Noel would have been eligible for Signature Debut until the very last game of his ROY eligibility year.  
Also, Julius Randle playing only 14 minutes in one NBA game made him no longer eligible for Rookie of the Year honors the following year.  Randle's autograph would not be eligible for Signature Debut his 2nd year in the NBA.)
To be considered a “rookie”, a player must not have played in more than 25 games in an NHL season.  The player must also not have played in 6+ games in each of any 2 preceding seasons.  The player must also be younger than 26 by September 15th of the season in question.  If he is 26 or older, he is not considered a “rookie”.
An NFL players “rookie” season begins when he makes an NFL roster or is officially signed in any capacity.  The amount of playing time in his “rookie” season, if any at all, does not factor into a players “rookie” eligibility.
(i.e. Ryan Grant, who was signed to a pratice squad in 2005, did not debut until 2007 and was no longer considered a rookie.  Grant's autograph would not be eligible for Signature Debut in 2007)
 *Please keep in mind Signature Debut is also available for any athlete still in college / minor leagues etc, but will not be available for any athlete that has officially completed his/her rookie season of their MLB/NFL/NHL/NBA professional career.

How do I submit an item for Signature Debut?

Available at all locations, including both office locations, Fort Lauderdale, FL & Parsippany, NJ.

There's no need to notate on your submission form about receiving our Signature Debut service.  This service is automatically given to all items which qualify under our Signature Debut guidleines.

Please note our Witnessed Protection Service or "WPP" events will not have Signature Debut available at the event, otherwise mentioned.


Will there be an additional fee involved for Signature Debut?

This is the best part!   Signature Debut is available at no additional cost!  


Signature Debut COA / Letter of Authenticity

The same rules apply to Signature Debut as to our regular authentication service.  Any item authenticated through JSA's Signature Debut service, valued over $200 (JSA discretion), will require our "Signature Debut" Letter of Authenticity vs the Signature Debut COA, which will be applied to any item valued under $200 (JSA discretion)


How do multiple / team-signed items apply for Signature Debut?

Any team or multi-signed item is limited to a maximum of 5 signatures for the Signature Debut LOA.  All signatures must qualify under the JSA guidelines for Signature Debut

(i.e. 2014 Ohio State partial team-signed helmet with Urban Meyer would not qualify for Signature Debut, however, if the helmet consisted of only the players on the team, then it can be deemed a JSA Signature Debut item.)